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Alectryon excelsus
Chionochloa flavicans
Cordyline australis
Beilschmedia taraire
Dicksonia fibrosa
  Name Growth Habit Evergreen/ Deciduous Mature Height Garden Theme
Agathis australis Agathis australis
Common Name: NZ Kauri*Dammar Pine
Pyramidal/Conical  Evergreen  20-25m  NZ Native
Alectryon excelsus Alectryon excelsus
Common Name: Titoki*NZ Oak
Round-headed  Evergreen  5-10m  NZ Native
Apodasmia similis Apodasmia similis
Common Name: Oioi*Jointed Rush
Clumping  Evergreen  1-1.2 m  NZ Native
Aristotelia serrata Aristotelia serrata
Common Name: Makomako*NZ Wineberry
  Evergreen  5-10m  Native
Arthropodium cirrhatum Arthropodium cirrhatum
Common Name: Renga-Renga*Rock Lily
Clumping  Evergreen  80-100cm  Subtropical, NZ Native
Astelia banksii Astelia banksii
Common Name: Silver Needles*Wharawhara*Shore Astelia
Clumping, Arching  Evergreen  1.2-1.5m  NZ Native
Astelia chathamica Astelia chathamica
Common Name: Chatham Island Astelia *Kakaha
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  2-2.5m  NZ Native, Pots
Astelia fragrans Astelia fragrans
Common Name: Bush Flax*Kakaha
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  1 m  NZ Native
Astelia grandis Astelia grandis
Common Name: Swamp Astelia
Clumping  Evergreen  1.8-2 m  NZ Native
Astelia solandrii Astelia solandrii
Common Name: Kowharawhara*Perching Lily
Clumping  Evergreen  1.5-1.8m  NZ Native
Beilschmedia taraire Beilschmedia taraire
Common Name: Tairairi
Pyramidal/Conical, Upright/Erect  Evergreen  5-10m  NZ Native
Beilschmiedia tawa Beilschmiedia tawa
Common Name: Tawa
Columnar  Evergreen  5-10m  NZ Native
Brachyglottis repanda Brachyglottis repanda
Common Name: Rangiora*Bushman's Friend
Upright/Erect  Evergreen  2.5-3m  NZ Native
Carex dissita Carex dissita
Common Name: Bush or Forest Sedge
Clumping  Evergreen  60-70 cm  NZ Native
Carex flagellifera Carex flagellifera      
Carex flagellifera 'Brown' Carex flagellifera 'Brown'
Common Name: Weeping Brown Sedge
Arching  Evergreen  80-100cm  NZ Native
Carex germinata Carex germinata
Common Name: Cutty Grass*Rautahi
Clumping  Evergreen  50-100 cm  NZ Native
Carex lambertiana Carex lambertiana
Common Name: Purei*Sedge
Clumping  Evergreen    NZ Native
Carex lessoniana Carex lessoniana
Common Name: Rautahi
Clumping  Evergreen  50-100 cm  NZ Native
Carex maorica Carex maorica
Common Name: Tussock Sedge*Rautahi
Clumping  Evergreen  50-100cm  NZ Native

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