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Coprosma repens 'Poor Knights
Pratia angulata*Lobelia angulata
Scleranthus biflorus
Muehlenbeckia complexa
Fuchsia procumbens
  Name Growth Habit Evergreen/ Deciduous Mature Height Garden Theme
Acaena inermis 'Purpurea' Acaena inermis 'Purpurea'
Common Name: Purple Bidibidi
Prostrate/Spreading  Evergreen  0-10cm  Subtropical, NZ Native
Carpodetus serratus 'Prostrata' Carpodetus serratus 'Prostrata'
Common Name: Prostrate Marble Leaf*Prostrate Putaputaweta
Mounded  Evergreen  0.5-1m  NZ Native
Coprosma acerosa Coprosma acerosa
Common Name: Sand Dune Coprosma
Prostrate/Spreading, Spiralling/Twisted  Evergreen  30-40cm  Subtropical, NZ Native
Coprosma acerosa 'Hawera' Coprosma acerosa 'Hawera'
Common Name: Coprosma 'Hawera'
Prostrate/Spreading  Evergreen  10-15cm  NZ Native, Coastal
Coprosma acerosa 'Red Rocks' Coprosma acerosa 'Red Rocks'
Common Name: Coprosma 'Red Rocks'
Prostrate/Spreading  Evergreen  30-40 cm  NZ Native
Coprosma acerosa 'Taiko' Coprosma acerosa 'Taiko'
Common Name: Coprosma Taiko
Prostrate/Spreading  Evergreen  20-25cm  Subtropical, NZ Native, Pots
Coprosma kirkii Coprosma kirkii
Common Name: Creeping Taupata*Looking-glass plant*Mirror plant
Prostrate/Spreading, Mounded/Domed  Evergreen  70-80cm  NZ Native
Coprosma propinqua 'Autumn Haze' Coprosma propinqua 'Autumn Haze' Prostrate/Spreading  Evergreen  20cm  Native
Coprosma prostrata Coprosma prostrata
Common Name: Taupata*Looking-glass plant*Mirror plant
Spreading, Semi-Prostrate  Evergreen  15-50cm  NZ Native
Coprosma repens 'Poor Knights Coprosma repens 'Poor Knights
Common Name: Coprosma 'Poor Knights'
Prostrate/Spreading  Evergreen  50-60cm  NZ Native, Coastal, Subtropical
Dicondra repens Dicondra repens      
Elatostema rugosum Elatostema rugosum
Common Name: Parataniwha*New Zealand Begonia
Prostrate/Spreading, Arching  Evergreen  80-100 cm  NZ Native
Fuchsia procumbens Fuchsia procumbens
Common Name: Creeping Fuchsia
Prostrate/Spreading  Evergreen  20-25cm  Subtropical, NZ Native, Coastal
Geranium 'Purple Passion' PVR Geranium 'Purple Passion' PVR Clump  Evergreen  20cm  NZ Native, Coastal
Hebe 'First Light'PVR Hebe 'First Light'PVR      
Leptinella dioca Leptinella dioca
Common Name: Bachelor's Buttons*Cotula
Prostrate/Spreading, Mounded/Domed  Evergreen  80-100cm  Subtropical, NZ Native
Leptinella squalida 'Platts Black' Leptinella squalida 'Platts Black' Prostrate/Spreading  Evergreen  10-15cm  NZ Native
Mazus radicans Mazus radicans
Common Name: Radical Teat
Spreading  Evergreen  5 cm  Native, Wetland
Muehlenbeckia axillaris Muehlenbeckia axillaris
Common Name: Creeping Wire Vine*Creeping Pohuehue
Prostrate/Spreading, Creeping  Evergreen  15-20cm  Subtropical, NZ Native
Muehlenbeckia complexa Muehlenbeckia complexa
Common Name: Small leafed Pohuehue*Scrub Pohuehue*Wire Vine
Prostrate/Spreading, Spiralling/Twisted, Climbing/Creeping  Evergreen  30-40cm  NZ Native

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