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Dracaena draco
Strelitzia reginae
Strelitzia parvifolia
Aloe polyphylla
Strelitzia nicolai
  Name Growth Habit Evergreen/ Deciduous Mature Height Garden Theme
Aeonium arboreum 'Schwarzkopf' Aeonium arboreum 'Schwarzkopf'
Common Name: The Black Rose*Black Tree Aeonium
Upright/Erect  Evergreen  70-80cm  Succulent, Pots
Agave attenuata Agave attenuata
Common Name: Fox Tail Agave*Velvet Agave*Century Plant
Arching  Evergreen  1.5-1.8m  Succulent, Pots
Agave geminiflora Agave geminiflora
Common Name: Twin-Flowered Agave
Rounded/Oval  Evergreen  80-100cm  Pots
Aloe arborescens Aloe arborescens
Common Name: Tree Aloe*Candelabra Aloe
  Evergreen  2-2.5m  Succulent
Aloe bainesii Aloe bainesii
Common Name: Banesei Aloe*Tree Aloe
Upright/Erect  Evergreen  10-15m  Succulent
Aloe plicatilis Aloe plicatilis
Common Name: Fan Aloe
Upright/Erect  Evergreen  1.2-1.5m  Succulent, Pots
Aloe polyphylla Aloe polyphylla
Common Name: Spiral Aloe
Spiralling/Twisted  Evergreen  80-100cm  Succulent
Aloe speciosa Aloe speciosa
Common Name: Tilt Head Aloe
  Evergreen  2-2.5m  Succulent
Aloe spinosissima Aloe spinosissima Climbing/Creeping  Evergreen  80-100cm  Succulent
Aloe thraskii Aloe thraskii
Common Name: Dune Aloe*Single Trunk Aloe
Crowned/Canopy  Evergreen  2-2.5m  Succulent
Beaucarnea recurvata Beaucarnea recurvata
Common Name: Ponytail Palm*Bottle Palm*Nolina
Crowned/Canopy  Evergreen  5-10m  Subtropical, Indoors
Beschorneria tonelli Beschorneria tonelli Clumping  Evergreen  80-100cm  Subtropical, Succulent
Beschorneria yuccoides Beschorneria yuccoides
Common Name: Mexican Lily
Clumping  Evergreen  80-100cm  Succulent
Crassula argentea Crassula argentea
Common Name: Jade Tree*Money Plant
Columnar  Evergreen  2-2.5m 
Crassula ovata Crassula ovata
Common Name: Friendship Plant
  Evergreen  2-2.5m 
Dasylirion longissimum Dasylirion longissimum
Common Name: Toothless Spoon*Mexican Grass Tree
Mounded/Domed  Evergreen  2.5-3m  Subtropical, Succulent
Doryanthes excelsa Doryanthes excelsa
Common Name: Giant Lily*Gymea Lily
Clumping  Evergreen  2.5-3m  Subtropical, Succulent
Doryanthes palmerii Doryanthes palmerii
Common Name: Spear Lily*Gymea Lily
Arching  Evergreen  2.5-3m  Subtropical, Succulent
Dracaena draco Dracaena draco
Common Name: Dragon Tree
Crowned/Canopy  Evergreen  5-10m  Subtropical, Succulent, Indoors
Echeveria 'Black Prince' Echeveria 'Black Prince' Mounded/Domed  Evergreen  25-30cm  Succulent

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