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Blechnum gibbum 'Silver Lady'
Asplenium 'Maori Princess'
Cyathea dealbata
Dicksonia fibrosa
Asplenium bulbiferum
  Name Growth Habit Evergreen/ Deciduous Mature Height Garden Theme
Asplenium 'Maori Princess' Asplenium 'Maori Princess'
Common Name: Maori Princess Fern
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  1-1.2m  NZ Native
Asplenium bulbiferum Asplenium bulbiferum
Common Name: Hen and Chicken Fern*Mother Spleenwort*Mouku
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  80-100cm  NZ Native, Indoors, Pots
Blechnum chambersii Blechnum chambersii
Common Name: Lane*Nini*Rereti
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  30-40cm  NZ Native
Blechnum discolor Blechnum discolor
Common Name: Crown Fern*Piupiu*Petipeti
Arching, Clumping, Upright/Erect  Evergreen  1m  NZ Native, Water
Blechnum fluviatile Blechnum fluviatile
Common Name: Water Fern*Kiwikiwi*Star Fern*Creek Fern
Arching, Tufted  Evergreen  15-20cm  NZ Native
Blechnum gibbum 'Silver Lady' Blechnum gibbum 'Silver Lady'
Common Name: Silver Lady Fern*Dwarf Tree Fern
Arching, Clumping, Upright  Evergreen  1.2-1.5m  Subtropical, Indoors
Blechnum minus Blechnum minus
Common Name: Soft Water Fern*Swamp Kiokio
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  60-70cm  NZ Native
Blechnum novae zealandiae*Blechnum capense Blechnum novae zealandiae*Blechnum capense
Common Name: Gully Fern*Kiokio*Palm-Leaf Fern
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  80-100cm  NZ Native
Blechnum penna-marina Blechnum penna-marina
Common Name: Alpine Water Fern*Little Hard Fern
Creeping  Evergreen  30-40cm  NZ Native
Cyathea dealbata Cyathea dealbata
Common Name: Silver Fern*Ponga
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  5-10m  NZ Native
Cyathea medullaris Cyathea medullaris
Common Name: Mamaku*Black Ponga/Tree Fern*
Arching  Evergreen  10m-20m  NZ Native
Cyathea smithii Cyathea smithii
Common Name: Soft Tree Fern*Golden Tree Fern*Katote
Arching  Evergreen  5-8m  NZ Native/Sub-tropical
Dicksonia antartica Dicksonia antartica
Common Name: Australian Tree Fern*Soft Tree Fern
Arching  Evergreen  6m  Shade/Woodland
Dicksonia fibrosa Dicksonia fibrosa
Common Name: Wheki-ponga*Fibrous Tree Fern
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  2-6m  NZ Native
Dicksonia squarrosa Dicksonia squarrosa
Common Name: Wheki*Rough Tree Fern
Arching  Evergreen  5-7m  NZ Native
Doodia australis*Doodia media Doodia australis*Doodia media
Common Name: Rasp Fern*Pukupuku
Creeping, Clumping  Evergreen  30cm  NZ Native
Doodia squarrosa Doodia squarrosa
Common Name: Brown Tree Fern*Fine Rasp Fern*Ponga
Arching  Evergreen  30cm  NZ Native
Lastreopsis glabella Lastreopsis glabella
Common Name: Smooth Shield Fern
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  30-40cm  NZ Native
Lastreopsis microsora Lastreopsis microsora
Common Name: Creeping Shield Fern
Creeping  Evergreen  40cm  Shade/Woodland
Marattia salicina*Pitisana salicina Marattia salicina*Pitisana salicina
Common Name: King Fern*Para*Horseshoe Fern
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  5-10m  NZ Native

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