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Plants and Trees | Wetland

  Name Growth Habit Evergreen/ Deciduous Mature Height Garden Theme
Chionochloa conspicua Chionochloa conspicua
Common Name: Hunangamoho*Plumed Tussock Grass
Clumping  Deciduous  1.5-1.8 m 
Chionochloa flavicans Chionochloa flavicans
Common Name: NZ Tussock Grass*Miniature Toi Toi
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  80-100 cm  NZ Native
Chionochloa rubra Chionochloa rubra
Common Name: NZ Red Tussock Grass
Arching, Clumping  Evergreen  1.2-1.5 m 
Coprosma propinqua Coprosma propinqua
Common Name: Mingimingi*Mikimiki
  Evergreen  2-2.5 m  NZ Native
Coprosma robusta Coprosma robusta
Common Name: Karamu
Vase shaped  Evergreen  2.5-3 m  NZ Native
Cortaderia fulvida*Austroderia fulvida Cortaderia fulvida*Austroderia fulvida
Common Name: Mountain*North Island Toe Toe
Clumping  Evergreen  1.8-2 m  NZ Native
Cortaderia toetoe Cortaderia toetoe
Common Name: Toetoe
Clumping  Evergreen  2.5-3 m 
Cyperus papyrus Cyperus papyrus
Common Name: Egyptian Paper Reed*Bulrush
Upright/Erect, Clumping  Evergreen  1.8-2 m 
Cyperus ustulatus Cyperus ustulatus
Common Name: Toetoe upoko-tangata*Giant umbrella sedge
Clumping  Evergreen  1-1.5 m  NZ Native
Dacrycarpus dacrydoides Dacrycarpus dacrydoides
Common Name: Kahikatea*NZ White Pine
Pyramidal/Conical  Evergreen  5-10m  NZ Native
Deschampsia caespatosa Deschampsia caespatosa
Common Name: Tufted Hair Grass*Smart Grass
Clumping  Evergreen  80-100cm  Subtropical, Water
Elatostema rugosum Elatostema rugosum
Common Name: Parataniwha*New Zealand Begonia
Prostrate/Spreading, Arching  Evergreen  80-100 cm  NZ Native
Eleocharis acuta Eleocharis acuta
Common Name: Spike rush
Upright/Erect  Evergreen  80-100cm 
Eleocharis sphacelata Eleocharis sphacelata
Common Name: Kuta*Bamboo Spike Sedge*Tall Spike Sedge*Giant Spike Rush
Clumping  Evergreen  2 m  Wetland
Hebe odora Hebe odora
Common Name: NZ Lilac*Veronica*Shrub Speedwell
Mounded/Domed  Evergreen  80-100cm  NZ Native
Isolepis nodosa*Ficinia nodosa Isolepis nodosa*Ficinia nodosa
Common Name: Knobby Clubrush
Clumping, Upright/Erect  Evergreen  60-70 cm  NZ Native
Juncus gregiflorus Juncus gregiflorus
Common Name: Rush*Wiwi
Clumping  Evergreen  1.2-1.5 m  NZ Native
Juncus inflexus 'Afro' Juncus inflexus 'Afro'
Common Name: Blue Medusa Corkscrew Rush
Spiralling/Twisted  Evergreen  30-50 cm 
Juncus kraussii subsp. australiensis Juncus kraussii subsp. australiensis
Common Name: Sea Rush
Clumping  Evergreen  80-100 cm  NZ Native
Juncus maritimus Juncus maritimus
Common Name: Sea Rush
Clumping, Upright/Erect  Evergreen  80-100 cm  NZ Native

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