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Plants and Trees | Trees - Exotic Deciduous

  Name Growth Habit Evergreen/ Deciduous Mature Height Garden Theme
Malus floribinda Malus floribinda
Common Name: Japanese Flowering Crab Apple
Arching  Deciduous  4-5m 
Malus ioensis 'Plena' Malus ioensis 'Plena'
Common Name: Betchel's Crabapple
Columnar  Deciduous  2.5-3m 
Malus trilobata Malus trilobata
Common Name: Crabapple
Pyramidal/Conical  Deciduous  5-10m 
Maus 'Jack Humm' Maus 'Jack Humm'
Common Name: Crab Apple
Upright  Deciduous  3-4m  Edible
Melia azedarach Melia azedarach
Common Name: Indian Bead Tree*Persian Lilac*Chinaberry*White Cedar
Rounded  Deciduous  5-10m 
Nyssa sylvatica Nyssa sylvatica
Common Name: Tupelo*Black Gum*Sour Gum
Columnar  Deciduous  20-25m 
Parrotia persica Parrotia persica
Common Name: Persian Witch Hazel*Persian Ironwood
  Deciduous  5-10m 
Pawlonia tomentosa Pawlonia tomentosa
Common Name: Japanese Imperial Tree*Foxglove Tree
Columnar  Deciduous  10-15m 
Pistacia chinensis Pistacia chinensis
Common Name: Chinese Pistacio
Rounded/Oval  Evergreen  5-10m 
Platanus acerifolia Platanus acerifolia
Common Name: London Plane
Round headed  Deciduous  15-20m 
Platanus acerifolia 'Pyramidalis' Platanus acerifolia 'Pyramidalis'
Common Name: Upright London Plane
Rounded/Oval  Deciduous  10m 
Platanus acerifolia var hispanica Platanus acerifolia var hispanica
Common Name: London Plane
Upright/Erect  Deciduous  12m 
Platanus orientalis Platanus orientalis
Common Name: Oriental Plane
Columnar  Deciduous  15-20m 
Platanus orientalis 'Autumn Glory' Platanus orientalis 'Autumn Glory'
Common Name: Cut Leaf Oriental Plane
Compact  Deciduous  5-10m 
Populus 'Crows Nest' Populus 'Crows Nest'
Common Name: Lombardy Poplar
Columnar, Upright/Erect  Deciduous  15-20m 
Prunus ' Shimidsu Sakura' Prunus ' Shimidsu Sakura'
Common Name: Japanese Cherry*Asahibotan
Rounded/Oval  Deciduous  4-5m 
Prunus 'Accolade' Prunus 'Accolade'
Common Name: Flowering Cherry
Spreading  Deciduous  6m 
Prunus 'Mountain Haze' Prunus 'Mountain Haze' Mounded/Domed  Deciduous  5-10m 
Prunus 'Tai Haku' Prunus 'Tai Haku'
Common Name: Great White Cherry
Spreading, Rounded    5-10m 
Prunus Amanogawa Prunus Amanogawa      

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