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Plants and Trees | Trees - Exotic Evergreen

  Name Growth Habit Evergreen/ Deciduous Mature Height Garden Theme
Agathis robusta Agathis robusta
Common Name: Queensland Kauri*Kauri-Pine*Smooth-bark Kauri
Pyramidal/Conical  Evergreen  10-15m  Conifer
Agonis flexuosa Agonis flexuosa
Common Name: Australian Willow Myrtle*Peppermint Tree
Rounded/Oval, Weeping/Drooping  Evergreen  5-10m 
Agonis flexuosa 'Jervis Bay Afterdark' Agonis flexuosa 'Jervis Bay Afterdark'
Common Name: Purple Australian Willow Myrtle*Purple Peppermint Tree
Rounded, Weeping/Drooping  Evergreen  5-10m 
Alberta magna Alberta magna
Common Name: Natal Flame Bush
Rounded/Oval  Evergreen  5-10m 
Alnus jorullensis Alnus jorullensis
Common Name: Mexican Alder
Upright/Erect, Weeping/Drooping  Evergreen, Semi-Evergreen  5-10m 
Araucaria bidwillii Araucaria bidwillii
Common Name: Bunya Bunya Pine
Araucaria cunninghamii Araucaria cunninghamii
Common Name: Moreton Bay Pine*Hoop Pine
Columnar    >25m 
Arbutus unedo Arbutus unedo
Common Name: Strawberry Tree
Azara microphylla Azara microphylla
Common Name: Boxleaf Azara*Vanilla Tree
Upright/Erect, Pyramidal/Conical  Evergreen  4-5 

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