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Fillers - Native | Muehlenbeckia astonii

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Product Code:1280
Mature Height:1m
Mature Width:2-3m
Growth Habit:Spiralling/Twisted, Climbing/Creeping
Evergreen or Deciduous:Deciduous
Leaves:Small, Cordate
Leaf Colour:Bright/Lime Green
Flower Colour:White
Flowering Season:Summer
Soil Type:Any soil
Soil Moisture Requirements:Dry, Well drained
Garden Position:Full sun, Semi shade
Environmental Tolerances:Seashore / Coastal, Drought / Dry, Wind
Garden Theme:NZ Native, Pots

Plant / Product Features:
Fascinating coastal shrub with tangled wiry stems and deciduous small bright green round to heart shaped leaves. Very hardy and tolerates quite dry soil. Dislikes excess moisture which often leads to root rot. This can be alleviated by providing a cool root run. Delicate white flowers in summer followed by transluscent white edible fruit. The fruit attracts birds, lizards and NZ small native copper butterfly. Keep irrigation away from this plant but mulch to conserve moisture and ensure mulch is kept clear of the trunk. Easily pruned to shape.

Landscaping Uses:
An interesting specimen to provide contrast in the garden. Useful as an informal low hedge in dry exposed conditions. Very hardy and wind resistant. Bush glistens in sunlight after rain.

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Muehlenbeckia astonii