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Payment and Ownership

Payment is due within 7 days of delivery as stated on all invoices.
Qualifying customers may operate a trade credit account with payment due on or before the 20th of the month following delivery.
We prefer payment via electronic bank transfer but do also accept cheque payment.
Plantman reserves the right to charge penalty interest on unpaid invoices at the rate of 2% per month overdue.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
All prices are exclusive of GST.
GST is calculated automatically when your order is confirmed.

Forward Ordering
Quotations remain valid for three (3) months unless otherwise specified. Once an order is confirmed, plants will be secured for up to one (1) month unless otherwise specified by agreement.
A deposit and/or progress payments may be required to secure an order for delivery more than three (3) months from date of order confirmation. If an order is cancelled or changed prior to delivery, a deposit refund will be made at the discretion of Plantman based on any costs incurred during the transaction.

Plant and Product Ownership
All plants and products remain the property of Plantman Limited until the customer has paid in full. Whilst the risk in the products supplied by to the purchaser shall be passed to the purchaser upon delivery, the ownership will not be transferred until the buyer has paid in full.
If the purchaser defaults payment of the contracted price or progress payment thereof, without prejudice to any other right it has at law or in equity may suspend or terminate the contract. Upon default, the purchaser agrees that or its agent may enter the purchaser’s premises at which the disputed products are stored and remove such plants and/or products.