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Plantman is not just about providing plants and garden products  - the Plantman can also assist you with all aspects of your landscaping project – from design right through to planting the plants.

 Please have a look through the various design and build stages you should consider before starting your garden development.

 Design Philosophy

Understanding you – Intuition & Vision - Technical Knowledge – Practical Experience

  • Stuart’s design philosophy is one of your garden having the potential to be the ‘outdoor room’ of your home and like any living area reflect your personality and lifestyle.
  • He will show you the important role nature can play in the development of a balanced and healthy lifestyle – incorporating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual influences.
  • Well designed outdoor areas have the power to redefine your relationship with nature as well as being places of beauty, tranquillity and enjoyment in a busy city.
  • Gardens should evoke a total sensory experience and be built with passion, intuition and vision to transform the quality of your home and lifestyle.


 Stage 1:  Understanding You


Stage 2: Inspiring You



 Stage 3: Planning Your Project 


Stage 4: Planting & Maintaining



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