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Understanding your needs – Understanding your lifestyle – Assessing your site – Unlocking the potential of your garden

Why do you need to understand my needs?

  • Good garden design is about making your outdoor space work for you by matching your needs and preferences – what you want from your garden – to the conditions of your site.
  • The look and feel of your garden should be as personal to you as the style of your house.  Just think of the planning, time and money spent choosing the right colours and furniture to create a comfortable atmosphere inside your home. This same process should be followed in the garden to guarantee success.
  • Questions of garden style, degree of formality, taste, plant types and colour selection can only be answered once we’ve established a clear picture of what you want to achieve and what role your garden will have in your daily living. 

Why is design so important?

  • In today’s society our outdoor space is shrinking, yet it’s still required to perform a diverse range of functions.  Your garden has the potential to fulfill a number of roles and the design process is a tool to help you develop a clear idea of what you want your garden to do and be and most importantly, guarantee you’ll love the finished product.
  • As your designer I seek to develop an in-depth understanding of your site along with your lifestyle needs.  A site analysis gathers information about property and garden elements such as buildings and driveways, boundaries, wind, sun and shade patterns, access points, vistas, existing features and soil conditions.  All of which interrelate to determine how successfully different design ideas can be applied and developed. 
  • Lifestyle needs and landscape factors are integrated with vision and artistic flair to create an outdoor space that encourages use because it extends the functionality and pleasure of your lifestyle. 

The Lifestyle Questionnaire

  • This tool clarifies what‘s important in your lifestyle. It gets you thinking about your outdoor living and the style and theme of garden elements you wish to develop through the design process.
  • Only by clearly understanding your needs can your designer work together with you to produce an outdoor space that is both functional and beautiful.

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