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Complete hard landscaping  –  Source and plant your plants –  Maintain  –  Educate and inform


  • When your hard landscaping development has been completed, The Plantman can source your plants and you can choose your level of planting involvement.
  • Use your planting plan as a map to help get your plants in the right spot.
  • Related planting products such as compost, mulch and fertiliser can be delivered to your door to ensure your plants are given the very best start.
  • Or, we can set the plants out for you and even arrange one of our Trade Partners to plant them.

How do I keep my garden looking good?

  • An integral part of the planting design is building in room for change as the garden grows and matures. That’s the key difference between your home – which evolves in a series of distinct, controlled stages as priorities and circumstances alter – and your garden. Gardens are dynamic, living, three-dimensional spaces that never stand still.
  • To keep your garden looking at its best through the changing seasons requires regular upkeep. The adage of ‘little and often’ is the best way to approach the ongoing care of your outdoor space.

Do I have ongoing support?

  • Your garden must have the potential to change over time. No garden is ever the same from one year to the next.
  • These changes imposed by nature will present ongoing challenges as well as exciting and unexpected developments. Through this process you can be comfortable in the knowledge that a solution to a problem you’re facing or the need for additional landscaping products or plants is just an email or telephone call away.
  • The role of your designer doesn’t just finish after planting because the believe the potential enjoyment of your garden is directly related to your knowledge and enjoyment of nature. Indeed, a key design objective of any landscape designer should be to help you reconnect with nature in a city environment.



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