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Design Philosophy

Stuart's design philosophy is one of your garden having the potential to be the 'outdoor room' of your home and like any living area reflect your personality and lifestyle:
  • Stuart will show you the important role nature can play in the development of a balanced and healthy lifestyle – incorporating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual influences.
  • Well designed outdoor areas have the power to redefine your relationship with nature as well as being places of beauty, tranquillity and enjoyment in a busy lifestyle.
  • Gardens should evoke a total sensory experience and be built with passion, intuition and vision to transform both the quality and value of your home and lifestyle.
Stuart's design style is 'intuitive'. He receives mental pictures of how your property can be developed by simply spending time on site. These design ideas are cross-referenced with his intellectual property of past projects and experience and combined with your input and ideas. This more 'free-form' approach to landscape design allows the project to evolve and change and for you to be fully involved at all stages. As a result, the end product is often superior.

In many situations, Stuart will lay out the garden directly on site using a dazzle can to represent the various landscaping components. Design ideas can be represented in a way that allows all parties to visualise how the new garden may look and for you to quickly and cost effectively make changes based on your needs and preferences. It is also a great way for Stuart to set up outdoor spaces, place garden beds and position landscaping structures if you are building your own project.

That's not to say that Stuart will not use a more traditional CAD design approach for particular projects or areas of the garden where a greater degree of formality and structure is required. It's all about matching the design process to your project so that a great result is delivered.
Design Philosophy

Landscaping Consultation

Stuart's Landscaping Consultation involves a one hour site visit to discuss your landscaping design and project needs:
  • Stuart will review your Lifestyle Questionnaire (refer Stage 1 - Understanding you) prior to the site visit so time on site is focused on delivering practical value. It will also allow Stuart to start thinking about any key issues or questions you may have.
  • Stuart will walk around your property with you - listening to what you have to say, providing design ideas, practical landscaping tips and sharing his plant knowledge. You decide what you want to focus on - it may be a general overview or focus on a particular garden area.
  • Stuart will complete the consultation with a follow-up email summarising the key site discussions so that you have a record of the visit.

The Landscaping Consultation is 100% GUARANTEED. If you don't believe Stuart has been able to give you minimum value equivalent to the visit fee, the consultation is free.
Landscaping Consultation

Fee Structure

A schedule of fees associated with provision of Stuart's design and consultancy advice to assist development of your landscaping project are shown below. Please use the schedule as an indicative guide. A design package can be tailored to match the scope and complexity of your project, your project budget and the level of involvement you want to have in building your garden.

Landscape Consultation (1 hr on site; Followup email)          $195.00
Follow-up Consultation          $135.00/hour
Nursery Visit (1 hour on site)  $195.00
Concept Plan  From $475.00
Planting Plan From $250.00
Detailed  Landscape Plans POA


Fee Structure

Trade Partners

The Plantman has built a portfolio of key subcontractors who can be trusted to produce high quality construction at a fair price.   View Plantman Trade Partners.