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North Shore City Depot Locations

Below are the three key North Shore City Parks Department delivery depots for Plantman - select the location and to view location information in more detail


Delivery Charges

Delivery charges for trade orders will be passed on at cost price. Where possible, multiple orders will be aggregated to reduce delivery charges applied to individual orders.

Delivery costs will be added to your order when the order is reviewed by the Plantman.

Policy for handling deliveries

Delivery will be completed by Plantman or a Plantman agent according to the delivery instructions submitted in the order confirmation.

Plantman will do its best to deliver on or before the scheduled delivery date, but the delivery date should not be considered a condition of sale and may be changed by negotiation to achieve delivery efficiencies.

Delivery costs will be confirmed once an order is submitted and processed by Plantman.

A philosophy of cost-recovery will be implemented to minimise delivery costs.
Alternatively, you can arrange pickup from the Plantman depot. However, you may still incur a partial delivery fee for your products to be delivered to the Plantman depot.