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Before becoming a Plantman customer please ensure you read our Terms & Conditions as doing business with us involves your acceptance of these.

How do I become a Plantman customer?

Becoming a Plantman Trade Customer is as easy as going through to our contact us page and send us an enquiry letting us know you are interested.
Plantman will get in touch with you to talk through your requirements and establish if our services are appropriate for you. If they are, we will set you up with a customer log in and password.


How do I set up a Trade Credit Account with Plantman?

Setting up a Plantman Trade Credit Account involves you completing an Account Application Form (print form below) and returning it to us via email, fax or post.
After your Trade Credit Account request is processed you will be contacted by telephone to discuss your appropriate pricing structure. Upon acceptance you will be emailed a username and password.
You can then start using the Plantman service - it’s as simple as that!
Plantman Account Application Form »


What information am I given as a Trade Customer?

When you log into Plantman you will see the grades and prices of plants currently available from multiple suppliers. You will not be able to see the supplier name.


How do I know which supplier has the best product?

The Plantman will review your order and recommend a preferred (best value) supplier or plant grade for each order item based on current market analysis. Plantman reviews and updates supplier cataloques regularly so that market information is current. Alternatively you can nominate a preferred supplier in the notes accompanying your order enquiry.


Can I just email the Plantman a plant list?

Yes, simply email your plant list and the Plantman will set up a provisional order for your review and approval including any notes about recommended grade changes to deliver best value based on current market analysis.


How do I know when my order is finalised?

When the Plantman has reviewed your order and finalised delivery costs, a quotation will be emailed to you setting out all order items, associated costs and delivery details.
Once you approve the order it becomes ‘live’ in the Plantman system and delivered to your selected location in accordance with the scheduled delivery date.


How do I pay for my order?

After your order is delivered you will be contacted by a Plantman representative to check that you are happy with the order quality and that the order has been delivered in full. An invoice will be emailed and/or posted with payment due in accordance with Plantman payment terms and conditions (typically 20th of the month following delivery). Payment can be completed by bank transfer or cheque.


Can I refer to my previous orders?

When an order has been delivered it is added to your ‘order history’ tab. This allows you to review old orders when looking for a product that worked particularly well or in response to a customer query.


Can I talk to the Plantman directly?

Plantman is an internet business but we believe this information and ordering system offers greatest value when it is backed by personalised professional advice. We encourage you to pick up the telephone and talk to the Plantman or email any questions for follow up. It’s part of our commitment to building a long term relationship with you.